Margaret Caswell Parker

Ballet, Modern and Jazz Instructor


I began dancing at as a young child and quickly developed a passion for the art. I have always been one to give any form of dance a try and I took classes in jazz, tap, lyrical, tumbling, and modern while growing up but found that classical ballet offered the base for all of these other styles. I studied ballet daily from my early teenage years and had many opportunities to dance in community performances such as at street fairs, school festivals, libraries, and even at a grocery store with my studio. I attended Columbia College in South Carolina where I received my Bachelor’s of Arts in Dance and developed the skills to follow my dream of sharing my passion for dance through teaching.


After graduating, I moved to Charleston where I began teaching and I have been with Only Imagine for more than 5 years. My teaching philosophy centers on building a solid technical foundation, particularly in classical ballet, so that my students have the skills to develop their artistry with a strong understanding of movement dynamics.

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